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My brother Robert was 15 months older than I am. He was my best friend, full of fun and laughter. He could brighten any room he walked into, such energy. I’ve had a chaise lounge of his in my back basement for about 11 years. It was his favortie piece, and it’s completely caned…seat, sides, back, back of back. I wanted to keep it safe from two little boys and their friends. You know what it means to get even one break…

My kids are teenagers now and I think it’s safe to bring it out. I made room next to the fireplace in our living room. It’s a little stiff, a little straight, but I love it and the memories it has for me. I can sit in it and read my books or magazines, warmed by the fire. He would keep a sheepskin over the seat. I don’t have a sheepskin, but I do have pillows and his Winnie-the-Pooh throw. Just perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

I really miss him.


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