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When I was in high school, I started my very first collection. I would go antiquing with my mom at Sally Severe’s, an antique shop about 4 blocks from our house, and Memories, another antiques shop across town. On one of our trips to Memories, I noticed a pair of Fiesta salt and pepper shakers. I fell in love. One was turquoise and one was cobalt. (I think they are in my attic). Then I added a yellow pair a long the way.

Fiesta (3)

I didn’t want to collect just one color, but almost all colors.

Fiesta, by Homer Laughlin, was introduced in early 1936. The first five colors were Red, Cobalt, Yellow, Light Green, Ivory with Turquoise being added in 1937. Then in the 50′ they added Rose, Chartreuse, Grey, Forest Green, and Medium Green.  And two others…

Fiesta (19)

Fiesta had so many designs, shapes, and uses. There are dinner plates, lunch plates, salad plates, butter plates, berry bowls, cereal bowls, bowls with no rims, two sizes of serving bowls, gravy boats, compotes, cream and sugar, marmalade, mustard, syrup, tea pot, coffee pot, carafe, coffee cups, tea cups, egg cups, tumblers, pitchers, forks, spoons and so much more.

Fiesta (17)   Fiesta

It’s crazy…I have 28 lunch plates and 16 dinner plates in there…

Fiesta (8)   Fiesta (11)

Some of my favorite and more sought after pieces are the nesting mixing bowls. There are seven and they are marked on the bottom with the numbers 1 to 7. The largest, #7 was the last one I needed for the complete set. I found it for $42 when I was in college.

Fiesta (14)

The juice set has a small juice pitcher with little cups. These came in a box of 50 pieces, along with a tea pot.

The ivory marmalade and light green mustard with lids are favorites too. They are sitting on a cobalt celery dish.

Fiesta (7)   Fiesta (13)

My brother Robert gave me the cobalt syrup for my birthday and Paul gave me the light green fork along with a red spoon, which broke in half, just broke in half, odd.

Fiesta (5)   Fiesta (4)

I used Fiesta for ten years, ten years when I didn’t have a dishwasher. When I was living in Philadelphia, my sink was porcelain and a few tumblers fell over and chipped. So sickening when it happens. You’d think after it happened once I’d be more careful!! This cobalt demitasse creamer was from my friend Claude.

Fiesta (9)   Fiesta (10)

I also have what they call chop plates, which is a serving platter. There are two sizes, I think 12″ and 15″ dia. You can also see two fab compotes sitting on top of the chop plates. I love the water pitchers, colors cobalt, chartreuse and yellow. There is also a light green ice pitcher and a cobalt gravy boat in this picture.

Fiesta (15)   Fiesta (18).

I pulled all these dishes out of the cabinets because I am going to part ways with them. I haven’t used them in years and I am determined to purge! They will be going to my sister. I can say that when I see them all out on my table it gives me pause. Am I doing the right thing? I know Amy will get joy out of using them. She does many charity events, small and large, as well as having friends over for her wonderful cooking. Still, I will be sad to see them go.

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In August I was in France with my sister and one of my best friends. After staying in Paris for a few days we headed south. We pick up our car in Avignon and off we go.

We love finding small cemeteries along the way. The iron doors are always open so we go in and take a peek. A few photos for you to see why we love them.






They are old and worn and beautiful.

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In late March I went on a buying trip to the South of France without my sister Amy. We ALWAYS go TOGETHER twice a year and always find such fabulous treasures. This year, Amy couldn’t go. She was sick or something!! Anyway, our kids babysitter Janet, from ages ago,  joined me in Paris, then headed South with me on my treasure hunting. Another story there!

And last week I went to Brimfield, MA for the week of antique flea markets. I usually go by myself but this trip my friend Diana went with me. She couldn’t believe how much there was to see and buy!!!

On both trips we found so many beautiful kick ass treasures. French antique books, apothecary jars, monogrammed linens, silver knives, many pictures, Old Paris Porcelain, enamelware, and much more. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Here are a few pictures of our treasures from both France and Brimfield. I’ll be listing all these items in my Etsy shop in the days to come.

French-country-apothecary-jars French-country-baptism-lamp-shade French-country-books-silver-knives  French-country-mirror-scented-oil-glass  French-country-enamelware-clock-face French-country-glass-silver-mirror     French-country-linens-monograms  French-country-mirrors-silver-plate-porcelain-bowl French-country-Paris-porcelain-small-pitchers French-country-Paris-porcelain-transferware  French-country-silver-glass-jam-jar French-country-silver-plate-butter-enamelware-canister 

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You’d never know by looking at my house that I just love chandeliers. I have one in my dining room and one at the top of my stairs. 

I find chandeliers so elegant, graceful, (well, the ones I like) and each design is so different and beautiful. I’m really drawn to the chandeliers with crystals, but for some reason, in the shop and my house, I only have wall sconces with crystals.

We found a few while shopping the Paris warehouses, and in the South of France, take a look…

This one below is French Art Nouveau, c1900. The beautiful art glass shades are each signed ‘Mueller Frehers’.


This is a French Mission Style chandelier with an orange art glass shade. It originally had three art glass bell shaped shades in the ‘Mueller Frehers’ style, but they didn’t show up with the shipment, merde!!


  You can see the beautiful mottled orange, blue and white globes…that never showed up…double merde!

When we were an the antique fair in Avignon, we found this gem, a hand-painted wrought iron chandelier, c1930. We had it cleaned and rewired and came up just beautiful.

This is one of a pair of incredible ‘Belle Epoche’ hand-painted wrought iron chandeliers. They are not electrified but hold candles, and have a beautiful green glass ball on the bottom of each. c1910-20. They are 52″ high. Stunning!!


At another flea market, we found another ‘Belle Epoche’ style hand-painted wrought iron chandleir, but much, much smaller! It has ‘Saxe’ porcelain flowers. Very sweet, and we had it rewired.

Wonder what we’ll find in August…mmm??

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I never know what I will find or what will catch my eye when we set out on one of our buying trips. That’s what’s so exciting about my work and trips to France. I see so many beautiful things and have to leave so much behind…merde!!

I am very much drawn to lithographs, black and white scenes of all subjects. And if there is a bit of wear, so much the better.

We found this 19th century lovely at the Porte de Vanves flea market in Paris. There were two, but one found a home. I LOVE this one and am so tempted to put it in my new master bath. It would be perfect. It has a worn gilt frame that would go quite well with my grandmother’s fanciful gilt mirror I have above the sink don’t you think?

It would go on another wall of course, but you get the idea…aye..I still need to have the skirt made for the sink, I have a beautiful silk fabric with a French blue and goldish thin stripe ready for Gate.

I love ANYTHING with sheep…this one we found in Barjac from Lulu, he’s from Marsailles and is so very persuasive. It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but he has a way of talking me into things…double merde!! I will have to tell the story of our trip to Marsaille to meet with him another time.

I think it would be lovely in my living room if I had the space…

…that’s my friend Diana. I’ll have to showcase her home soon. I love everything about it…


These last two we found at a flea market in Carpentras, in the South of France. I quite love the two, and the bit of French dirt on each…I think I could find a spot or two for them too. But I won’t, I enjoy lovely pieces finding their way into someones home. …Now the first one way above, that just might have to make it to my home. mmmm!

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I LOVE cowboy boots and always take them along on my buying trips to France. And since I’m heading back in August, I’m on the look-out for another pair to take with me.

Since I’m not in Texas, I have been looking online for days and days for the perfect boot, while on an antiquer budget. And unless I want to spend gobs of money, there are slim pickin’s. I can’t believe how many ugly cowboy boots are out there. I think there’s definitely a HUGE HOLE in the boot market.

I found this pair in the new Flea Market Style magazine. Are they not the most fab boots ever??? The owner’s house was featured in the magazine. They’re Lucchese…so I track them down and find out they are discontinued. MERDE! I had my heart set on these. So, I searched online hoping someone had an extra size 9 in the back of the back of the back!

Well, by some fluke, I FOUND them…ordered them, the site took my credit card, thanked me for my order…we’re all happy. Then they call to tell me they are discontinued. DOUBLE MERDE!

Well, I had posted a few on facebook BEFORE I found the most perfect pair ever, and now the pair that is my second choice…is NO LONGER showing up on the website. TRIPLE MERDE!

So, I’ve been on the hunt again, through hundreds of ugly boots…

But now my focus has changed a bit, I’m looking at boots that are a bit more … well more. I found these, waaaay different from anything I’ve been looking at, except the brown, they’re quite safe. 


The blue…wow! Do I have the guts? And in a size 9?  mmmh I LOVE the color….so…I ordered all three, and we’ll see if ANY work.


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As we travel through Paris and the South of France, and the Savoie region, searching the flea markets and shops as we go, we find some incredible things. Some of my favorite finds are beautiful wall sconces.

LOvE, loVE, LOVE these sconces. Our trip in April took us to Aix les Bains in the Alps. Just a bit of the treasure we found. They will go out on approval soon. Merde!!…No, I’m really happy they’ll find a happy home.

Oo La La! We found this pair at the Vernaison Flea Market in Paris. I love crystals.

This is one of three we found in Paris also. More crystals, and of course, some French dust & dirt!

This charming sconce, one of two, we found in Beziers, in the South of France at the antique fair. Clear and amythest crystals, love!

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So, this past week we’ve been on a family vacation at the Jersey Shore…I find it odd calling it the shore. I grew up in Texas and we call it the ‘beach’. Kinda like when I call ‘sneakers’ tennis shoes…I just can’t say sneakers. When I told a friend of my son’s to go get his tennis shoes, he said to me, I don’t play tennis…well anyway.

A facebook friend asked me if I was going to post pictures of my cowboy boots at the beach? …A little history for those of you who don’t know…for the past two years, when on my buying trips to France, I’ve been taking pictures of my cowboy boots as we travel through France. It started out just for fun. I think the first picture was in the Paris flea markets, when we found a pair of fabulous blue iron urns. I was wearing my black and tan boots from South Texas. Well, everyone loves the pictures and they’ve taken on a life of their own.    

At the end of the day, the life guards are gone, everyone has left to go home or to the boardwalk. I love it at the beach at this time of day. Very serene.

Hanging in the life guard station, watching the tide go out, and listening to the waves crash.

Tomorrow we go home. I can’t believe the time has gone by so fast. Back to our everyday routine…but we’re only an hour away, so…can’t wait to come back.

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A few years ago, on one of our buying trips to France, I started taking pictures of my COWBOY BOOTS  for fun. I really don’t know how it happened. I guess I could ask my friend Diana, she was there when it all started.


I wear cowboy boots because they are STYLIN’ … hahaha!! … I can wear them all day at the flea markets and fairs…and there’s that Texas thing! I now have four pairs and I’m always on the look out for more. I’d really like a pair with red cactus on them, or Our Lady of Guadalupe with a bit of chartreuse, but we’re talkin’ custom.


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As you know, on our latest buying trip in April, we headed to Savoie, located in the Rhone-Alpes region in the French Alps. We took the train from Paris to Lyon, then by car went on our way. We stayed in a Chateau near Saint Pierre de Bigney, near Chambery, that was cool, cool, cool! I posted pics on an earlier post. I was on the hunt for more French antique earthenware and hoping to meet with a few dealers that I connected with by letter.

My good friend Jean-Pierre suggested this detour and translated my letters to the dealers, which I then mailed from my home town. You know, more official looking :)…Well, I was very lucky and met a few really nice dealers, Violet and her son Matthew in Aix les Bains, and Francois from Montagnole.

They had great, great treasures and it was like candy for me.  If you’re a collector, you can imagine how I felt…the more the better. I think I bought about 70 pots. Really?????? ya! 70 pots and iron stuff, and cupboard doors and metal hardware…I was in heaven AND had the French Alps in the background.

You might have already seen some of these pictures on Facebook, you know I can’t help myself there. But if not, take a look.

Beautiful French antique earthenware jugs. I usually find yellow, so these are great.

Francois' outdoor collection of earthenware for us to choose from, much more not in the picture. French iron angels French iron angels Fabulous green earthenware pitchers from the early 1900's Fantastic iron wall sconces with mirrors and crystals


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