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A week from today, I head to Paris to meet up with my sister Amy. I was checking out my photos…you know, the ones I uploaded constantly from my blackberry. I was reliving our whole trip, and these are some of the highlights … I was reading  ‘THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE’           ….stayed in an apartment instead of a hotel in the Le Marias, our favorite area of Paris now. The apartment is on the fourth floor with no elevators and fabulous.    …I ate foire grois 5 times because I knew what it was on the menu, and it was prepared differently each time, and every one was delicious!…went to the Paris Maison et Objet where we found THE most fantastic lamp shades and Italian linens…hooked up with our favorite Parisian Cherub Jean-Pierre, he makes me laugh and laugh, and is so full of knowledge of all things French    …ate crepes, well I did, Amy didn’t  …giggled like little kids over sexy venetian goblets we found in a Paris warehouse … I bought a FABULOUS watch that I love, a great addition to my wrist don’t you think? Well, Luanne doesn’t agree 😉 but what does she know??? ;)…   …went to the Porte des Vanves flea market for the first time and found these fabulous blue enamel house numbers...happened upon the big protest march, which affected the metro, not as many were running this day, so were so full we couldn’t get on…so on we walked…  …headed South on the train to hit some flea markets and brocantes, and we found some beautiful earthenware bowls … hung out in Uzes, our fave medieval city, definitely our comfort zone  and of course, the cowboy boots as always…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE driving around France…laughed stupidly with Amala…and drank so much coffee….I think at LEAST 5 a day  at sidewalk cafes all over, another fave pastime, except going to the flea markets and eating …sooooooo, I’m not at all ready, but I now have a NOOK COLOR, the better to fix the uploaded pics from my blackberry onto this blog. (and I’ll have a bigger screen for facebook!!!) ….AND my book for the plane is the third book to ‘The Girl…’ series, that I’ve been waiting to come out in paperback, but hasn’t…..so it’s on my new NOOK…’The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest’…..I can’t wait to read it……better get movin, groovin, schmoozin…

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When we were in the South of France last September, in the medieval city of Uzes, we found these great shopping bags. Their design inspirations come from old painted advertisements. Beautiful and we LOVE them and they are now for sale at Two Cherubs. There are assorted bag styles, shopping trolleys and umbrellas.

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Fabulous Linens finally in...we found them at the Maison Objet in Paris

Linen table runner with beautiful edge detail

Linen table runners

We found these beautiful tableou linens from an ‘Italian’ Company when we were at the Maison Objet in Paris. They are 100% linen with kickin’ edge band details. Soooooo beautiful.

They have a great hand and weight to them. We have several nutty neutral colors along with an old lime color that’s rockin’! Truly gorgeous. The runners are 15.5″ wide x 66″ long, and 15.6″ wide x 86″ long. We also have several beeeutiful table cloths with the ass-kickin’ edge detail!

As you can see in the pics, the linen slip cover for the chair is truly outstanding. It expands to fit different size chairs. Those are not in stock and must be ordered, but as it’s just a skip and a jump across the waters, the lead time is veeeeery short!

We almost lost these lovelies. They were in ‘clearance delay’ in Cincinnati all around and around the Christmas Holiday. I didn’t realize they needed lots of information from me…..NEVER contacted me and customs can only hold lovely things for 10 days. I found this out on Wednesday evening, and the 10 days were up on Friday 5:30 pm, just around happy hour!!… AND they wanted the invoice in English. Well, the Italian company was closed til the 9th of Jan. Needless to say, I had ajida for two days until it was resolved. And we are MOST happy with them. YA! YA! Ya!

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Check out the iron candle garland over table....found at the Paris Home & Gift Show

I couldn’t pass this one up….Paris flea market

I’ve moved the store around again…New things from our latest trip moving front stage.

View with the 10' vineyard table with earthenware and 200 year old mantle in background

French Yellow Duck Confit Pots from Carpentras, France

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French Cheese Moulds


The correct French name for such moulds is « faisselle  

 The recipe for the cheese is relatively simple,
so why not take the opportunity to rediscover
flavor far removed from industrial cheese!
Equipment and ingredients
– 1 liter of fresh milk from goats, sheep or cow (no milk sterilized)
– A petit suisse,
– The liquid rennet (available at pharmacies) or a lemon,
– Container type bowl
– A towel,
– A strainer. You can get mussels cheese curds campaigns presented by commercially disposable (for 1 liter of milk, cottage cheese provide 500 grams of white cheese)
– A shallow dish.
The preparation
– Bring the milk to a temperature of 20 to 22, then mix in the small Swiss very carefully (the ideal is to have previously made the small Swiss fluid and incorporating a little milk). Allow the assembly to a temperature between 20 and 22 ° for about 2 hours.
– Add 1 drop of rennet and mix very gently together. Recover the bowl with a towel and let the milk sit for 24 hours minimum at about 20 °.
– After 24 hours, the milk has given way to a curd (white mass) and serum (liquid more or less yellow or white, you can collect and freeze for use in place of the small Swiss at the next manufacturing).

 – Strain the curd into filling out the curds gently with a ladle. Let stand a few minutes in the bowl, then pour the liquid is drained and refilled the strainer. You can repeat this operation for 24 hours
Drain the curds another 24 hours, but without completing the strainer.
Please note that the size and filling the strainer determines the size of your future cheese.

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We set up our 10′ antique French vineyard farm table in the middle of the shop, and set it with a mix of fabulous antique French dishes. The ones with the birds are especially yummy. I love black candles.

10' French Antique Vineyard Table

Two 19th Century Framed Prints from our latest trip

Monogrammed Flat Sheets from the South of France make great tablecloths.

Can you see the birds on the plates?...I'll have to take a better photo...

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So elegant

Stone alleyways

Can't stand it!

Coolest bags made with Vintage French Magazines...we sell these in our shop

Uzes, France….west of Avignon in the South of France, a medieval town full of treasure old and new! Our favorite haunt, we were able to hang for days….I think we had 10 caffes a day…stone streets, exquisite architecture, and great shops. We usually only have a blink of an eye when we pass threw, but this time we came back again, and again…

Undies drying on the balcony

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Last year by accident, while tooling around with Jean-Pierre, we found this flea market in the South of France and by accident, we found it was scheduled during our latest venture down South. So, instead spending our last day in Paris, we spent it

Waiting for a dealer.....he never showed up and we had to go catch our train. His wife bargained on just a few of these treasures.


More treasures

combing this

Stranger translating for me......Jean-Pierre is in Paris and I don't speak French!!!

Earthenware cheese moulds....finally!

flea market in the South….hectic, frustrating, but worth it.

French dealer showing me marks on back of platter...he didn't speak English and I don't speak French!

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Just around the cornerWe’ve been thru this medieval village many times. This is our walk around …

Drive up

LOve, Love, LoVE!

Love the iron gate

I'm stayin here next year

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Chairs, Chairs, and more Chairs

One of my goals was to get to the Maison & Objets in Paris….home and gift show. We couldn’t take photos inside…but snuck a few. Jean-Pierre got caught taking pictures in one booth…this woman demanded he erase the photos right there so she could see him do it…..MErde! Amala and I kept right on going…we didn’t want to get kicked out! JEan PierRe felt like a KindeRgartEner!

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