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I was looking through my pictures from our trip to France this past April and came upon these pictures of the garden at the Gite where we stay in Lussan. It is soooo incredibly beautiful and peaceful.

I know I’ve posted some of these before, but they are worth seeing again…at least I think so. Ya?

 The view of the countryside from inside the garden…

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The other day I was in my friend Eileen’s garden. I know it’s late in the season and many plants are done, but there were still many to enjoy. I’m always so impressed with gardeners who are so creative and have the energy to keep up with and create beautiful gardens. I haven’t worked in my garden in months, and it looks like it. Right now, my weeds are blooming! Here are some pics of Eileen’s beautiful garden.

  Creeping Jenny….

I get inspired by my friend’s gardens…hoping next year I can inspire my own garden. Hope, and a kick in the beeehind!

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So, we got home this afternoon from our week at the beach. It wizzed by. Now we have to get back in the mode of home, garden, and work…

And speaking of gardens, ours is in bloom mode. One of my favorite flowers is the hydrangea, and they are looking just beautiful. What a nice surprise, to come home to such beauty.

These beautiful blue hydrangeas are in our front yard along the fence. They get the early morning sun and a little in the afternoon, before the sun goes behind the house. They are very happy here and just get better every year.

In our side yard, under the pergola, we have several different varieties of hydrangeas in shades of blue and pink. I’m partial to the blue.

I love the hydrangeas in these iron urns that I found in Brimfield…that you can barely see in this picture… You can see the back of a pair of 19th century garden gates I found at a roadside Brocante, outside Uzes, in the south of France.


Ellie, our yellow lab, loves to follow me around outside. She was very happy to have us home.

The hydrangea bush under this bird bath is very slooooow growing. It’s finally blooming. We found the bird bath from a Belgium dealer at an antique fair in Avignon. The concrete cherub riding the fish in the center is one of my favorite pieces in the garden.

I had to move these bushes because they were getting the high noon sun and were getting burned. So hopefully they’ll do better in their new location, near these window boxes on the garage.

This is the front side of the 19th century iron gates, way cool! There’s one more, but I’m not sure where it’s going to go. I have the two iron urns flanking these gates on the other side under the pergola. There’s the Elster.

Tomorrow morning I think I’ll just have to sit under the pergola and enjoy their beauty.

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Last September, Amy and I went on a buying trip in Paris and the South of France, and hit the Paris Maison et Objets. Way cooool!

Well, when we were tooling around the South, on our own for the second time, (Jean-Pierre was otherwise engaged) we went to Lussan, our favorite medieval village. It is small, charming, stone everywhere, painted shutters, gardens, and an incredible view of the countryside all around. We were determined to stay there on our next buying trip…which was this past April.

I couldn’t find my brochure for the hotel in the village, but luckily I had taken a picture of what I thought was a Spa/Salon. I looked up the Spa to ask what the name of the hotel was, and it turned out to be a place to stay, and not a Spa. Was I in LUCK! So, we booked rooms. When we arrived and went inside we were so enchanged and the garden, well, we fell in love.

I took a video of their incredible garden…

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