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In August I was in France with my sister and one of my best friends. After staying in Paris for a few days we headed south. We pick up our car in Avignon and off we go.

We love finding small cemeteries along the way. The iron doors are always open so we go in and take a peek. A few photos for you to see why we love them.






They are old and worn and beautiful.

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Last August, Amala and I went on our buying trip to the South of France. Our wonderful brother-n-law, Jim, went with us on this trip and added such great energy to our trip. He is so easy going…

We were staying in a medieval village and I decided I wanted to take pictures of my boots against all the many wonderful old medieval doors. There were so many doors of different colors, some more weathered than others, and Jim was so patient…we were on a round about walk around the village to get our car. He just waited patiently as I would get myself and my cowboy boots situated to take a picture…

Here are some of the doors…I missed this really fab purple door…I’ll get it this August.

Then I noticed this little look out…love!!!

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I guess by now you know I love the French yellow confit pots I find on my travels through France. Most of these I found in the Savoie region of France, near the French Alps. Others, at the flea markets in the South of France.

Just a quick share with the yellow pots and roses…



And that little transferware piece…I ADORE it, chips and all.

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I was looking through my pictures from our trip to France this past April and came upon these pictures of the garden at the Gite where we stay in Lussan. It is soooo incredibly beautiful and peaceful.

I know I’ve posted some of these before, but they are worth seeing again…at least I think so. Ya?

 The view of the countryside from inside the garden…

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Last September, Amy and I went on a buying trip in Paris and the South of France, and hit the Paris Maison et Objets. Way cooool!

Well, when we were tooling around the South, on our own for the second time, (Jean-Pierre was otherwise engaged) we went to Lussan, our favorite medieval village. It is small, charming, stone everywhere, painted shutters, gardens, and an incredible view of the countryside all around. We were determined to stay there on our next buying trip…which was this past April.

I couldn’t find my brochure for the hotel in the village, but luckily I had taken a picture of what I thought was a Spa/Salon. I looked up the Spa to ask what the name of the hotel was, and it turned out to be a place to stay, and not a Spa. Was I in LUCK! So, we booked rooms. When we arrived and went inside we were so enchanged and the garden, well, we fell in love.

I took a video of their incredible garden…

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As you know, on our latest buying trip in April, we headed to Savoie, located in the Rhone-Alpes region in the French Alps. We took the train from Paris to Lyon, then by car went on our way. We stayed in a Chateau near Saint Pierre de Bigney, near Chambery, that was cool, cool, cool! I posted pics on an earlier post. I was on the hunt for more French antique earthenware and hoping to meet with a few dealers that I connected with by letter.

My good friend Jean-Pierre suggested this detour and translated my letters to the dealers, which I then mailed from my home town. You know, more official looking :)…Well, I was very lucky and met a few really nice dealers, Violet and her son Matthew in Aix les Bains, and Francois from Montagnole.

They had great, great treasures and it was like candy for me.  If you’re a collector, you can imagine how I felt…the more the better. I think I bought about 70 pots. Really?????? ya! 70 pots and iron stuff, and cupboard doors and metal hardware…I was in heaven AND had the French Alps in the background.

You might have already seen some of these pictures on Facebook, you know I can’t help myself there. But if not, take a look.

Beautiful French antique earthenware jugs. I usually find yellow, so these are great.

Francois' outdoor collection of earthenware for us to choose from, much more not in the picture. French iron angels French iron angels Fabulous green earthenware pitchers from the early 1900's Fantastic iron wall sconces with mirrors and crystals


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On our latest trip to France this past April, my sister Amy and I stayed a few days in Avignon, France. I thought I wasn’t so happy with this medieval city, but I’m glad to say it has sparked my interest once again. The architecture and history, stone and statues. We had the best time and stayed in an incredible  hotel, La Mirande. We were also there for Easter, all I can say is AMAZING!..more about those stories  in another post.

Anyway, we went on a stroll after a relaxing lunch and the oh so necessary cafe creme, and came upon streets we hadn’t been down in a while. These are beyond the square that’s near the Papal Palace. Well, I started looking up at the buildings, they are so beautiful, and I can’t get enough of the windows, shutters, and iron railings. I’m always amazed that this beauty was created so many years ago and all by hand.

I started to see all these religious statues tucked high into niches in the middle of the buildings or on the corners. Some with Joseph and the baby Jesus, the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus, Jesus after He was taken down from the cross and lying across His mother Marys’ lap…bringing it so much more into my conscious thoughts and just creating a sense of wonder whenever I looked up and saw another statue.

So I started to take pictures of all the statues down this one street, there were many. Take a look.

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Silver urn found in Paris holding a few tulips

Just a few tulips add a bit of color in clear glass bottles found in Barjac...those fab cherub candlesticks we found in Carpentras

My favorite French yellow earthenware with..yes, tulips again....YUM!

Pitcher, from Carpentras sits atop a bistro table we found in Barjac

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I’m soooooo pumped! Two Cherubs Antiques has been named a winner in the first-ever ‘Best of Gay Philly’ feature in the inaugural issue of GPHILLY–Philadelphia Magazine’s new brand focused on the lives and lifestyles of Philadelphia’s LGBT community….for Antiques Shop. We’re located in Collingswood, NJ, which is just 10 minutes from Center City Philadelphia. Collingswood is on the Gaydar in this issue also….We are listed in this section also…way coooool!…..Thanks GPHILLY…………..I had to take pics of the pics in the mag…sorry for the lack of clarity.

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Romantic Homes has a contest where you send in a photo of a room in your house and you have the opportunity to win a yummy linen duvet. So I submitted this photo of our new bedroom, with a view into our new bathroom.

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