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Last August, Amala and I went on our buying trip to the South of France. Our wonderful brother-n-law, Jim, went with us on this trip and added such great energy to our trip. He is so easy going…

We were staying in a medieval village and I decided I wanted to take pictures of my boots against all the many wonderful old medieval doors. There were so many doors of different colors, some more weathered than others, and Jim was so patient…we were on a round about walk around the village to get our car. He just waited patiently as I would get myself and my cowboy boots situated to take a picture…

Here are some of the doors…I missed this really fab purple door…I’ll get it this August.

Then I noticed this little look out…love!!!

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Yesterday a really fabulous article came out about Two Cherubs Antiques in Collingswood Patch, It’s an online venue to find out about what’s happening in your area, what you can participate in, and places to see, go, hang. Deena DiBacco, editor of Collingswood Patch, interviewed me on Friday about what Two Cherubs is all about, and the trips we take. She heard about the ‘Traveling Boots’ you know, the cowboy boots I wear all the time…flea marketing in France…well, everywhere really unless its really hot, or don’t match …mmmm…Ido like flip-flops…growing up we called them thongs!

I thought I’d share the link if you’d like to read it. I didn’t know she was coming in that day, so forgive the outfit!!! But I did just happen to be wearing the new and improved ‘Traveling Boot’ heading to France this Thursday…oo la la!


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I LOVE cowboy boots and always take them along on my buying trips to France. And since I’m heading back in August, I’m on the look-out for another pair to take with me.

Since I’m not in Texas, I have been looking online for days and days for the perfect boot, while on an antiquer budget. And unless I want to spend gobs of money, there are slim pickin’s. I can’t believe how many ugly cowboy boots are out there. I think there’s definitely a HUGE HOLE in the boot market.

I found this pair in the new Flea Market Style magazine. Are they not the most fab boots ever??? The owner’s house was featured in the magazine. They’re Lucchese…so I track them down and find out they are discontinued. MERDE! I had my heart set on these. So, I searched online hoping someone had an extra size 9 in the back of the back of the back!

Well, by some fluke, I FOUND them…ordered them, the site took my credit card, thanked me for my order…we’re all happy. Then they call to tell me they are discontinued. DOUBLE MERDE!

Well, I had posted a few on facebook BEFORE I found the most perfect pair ever, and now the pair that is my second choice…is NO LONGER showing up on the website. TRIPLE MERDE!

So, I’ve been on the hunt again, through hundreds of ugly boots…

But now my focus has changed a bit, I’m looking at boots that are a bit more … well more. I found these, waaaay different from anything I’ve been looking at, except the brown, they’re quite safe. 


The blue…wow! Do I have the guts? And in a size 9?  mmmh I LOVE the color….so…I ordered all three, and we’ll see if ANY work.


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So, this past week we’ve been on a family vacation at the Jersey Shore…I find it odd calling it the shore. I grew up in Texas and we call it the ‘beach’. Kinda like when I call ‘sneakers’ tennis shoes…I just can’t say sneakers. When I told a friend of my son’s to go get his tennis shoes, he said to me, I don’t play tennis…well anyway.

A facebook friend asked me if I was going to post pictures of my cowboy boots at the beach? …A little history for those of you who don’t know…for the past two years, when on my buying trips to France, I’ve been taking pictures of my cowboy boots as we travel through France. It started out just for fun. I think the first picture was in the Paris flea markets, when we found a pair of fabulous blue iron urns. I was wearing my black and tan boots from South Texas. Well, everyone loves the pictures and they’ve taken on a life of their own.    

At the end of the day, the life guards are gone, everyone has left to go home or to the boardwalk. I love it at the beach at this time of day. Very serene.

Hanging in the life guard station, watching the tide go out, and listening to the waves crash.

Tomorrow we go home. I can’t believe the time has gone by so fast. Back to our everyday routine…but we’re only an hour away, so…can’t wait to come back.

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