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Just returned from a trip to Cabo Pulmo in Baja, with the family. I just love it there. It’s a very small village. They now have six street lights that are powered by solar panels. They have roaming horses AND the Internet. We stayed in a new place this year. It was perfect. There was room for everyone to have there own space. We also had a great outdoor kitchen under a palapa. Our view from the second floor of the main house was almost 360 degrees of  the Sea of Cortez and the surrounding mountains. I think they have the largest coral reef in North America, and we did alot of snorkeling. We were on some local beaches that were empty as far as you could see except for ourselves. Incredible. I think it’s still so underdeveloped because you can only get there by a dirt road. A bumpy dirt road. We ate fish every nite that Paul and the boys caught fresh that morning. …It’s raining really hard here right now…Wish I was back in Cabo!

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