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When I was in high school, I started my very first collection. I would go antiquing with my mom at Sally Severe’s, an antique shop about 4 blocks from our house, and Memories, another antiques shop across town. On one of our trips to Memories, I noticed a pair of Fiesta salt and pepper shakers. I fell in love. One was turquoise and one was cobalt. (I think they are in my attic). Then I added a yellow pair a long the way.

Fiesta (3)

I didn’t want to collect just one color, but almost all colors.

Fiesta, by Homer Laughlin, was introduced in early 1936. The first five colors were Red, Cobalt, Yellow, Light Green, Ivory with Turquoise being added in 1937. Then in the 50′ they added Rose, Chartreuse, Grey, Forest Green, and Medium Green.  And two others…

Fiesta (19)

Fiesta had so many designs, shapes, and uses. There are dinner plates, lunch plates, salad plates, butter plates, berry bowls, cereal bowls, bowls with no rims, two sizes of serving bowls, gravy boats, compotes, cream and sugar, marmalade, mustard, syrup, tea pot, coffee pot, carafe, coffee cups, tea cups, egg cups, tumblers, pitchers, forks, spoons and so much more.

Fiesta (17)   Fiesta

It’s crazy…I have 28 lunch plates and 16 dinner plates in there…

Fiesta (8)   Fiesta (11)

Some of my favorite and more sought after pieces are the nesting mixing bowls. There are seven and they are marked on the bottom with the numbers 1 to 7. The largest, #7 was the last one I needed for the complete set. I found it for $42 when I was in college.

Fiesta (14)

The juice set has a small juice pitcher with little cups. These came in a box of 50 pieces, along with a tea pot.

The ivory marmalade and light green mustard with lids are favorites too. They are sitting on a cobalt celery dish.

Fiesta (7)   Fiesta (13)

My brother Robert gave me the cobalt syrup for my birthday and Paul gave me the light green fork along with a red spoon, which broke in half, just broke in half, odd.

Fiesta (5)   Fiesta (4)

I used Fiesta for ten years, ten years when I didn’t have a dishwasher. When I was living in Philadelphia, my sink was porcelain and a few tumblers fell over and chipped. So sickening when it happens. You’d think after it happened once I’d be more careful!! This cobalt demitasse creamer was from my friend Claude.

Fiesta (9)   Fiesta (10)

I also have what they call chop plates, which is a serving platter. There are two sizes, I think 12″ and 15″ dia. You can also see two fab compotes sitting on top of the chop plates. I love the water pitchers, colors cobalt, chartreuse and yellow. There is also a light green ice pitcher and a cobalt gravy boat in this picture.

Fiesta (15)   Fiesta (18).

I pulled all these dishes out of the cabinets because I am going to part ways with them. I haven’t used them in years and I am determined to purge! They will be going to my sister. I can say that when I see them all out on my table it gives me pause. Am I doing the right thing? I know Amy will get joy out of using them. She does many charity events, small and large, as well as having friends over for her wonderful cooking. Still, I will be sad to see them go.

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